MARIE embroidered silk handbag (Andrea Vytlacilova + TON + PRECIOSA)
Let me introduce you to MARIE - a very unique embroidered silk handbag in collaboration with TON and PRECIOSA

MARIE is the result of artistic craftsmanship. The handbag is handmade of delicately embroidered silk, embellished with PRECIOSA crystals and beads (read more on this collaboration below), topped up with a unique beech handle (read more on the collaboration with TON below) and a removable faux-fur strap.

And what is this Andrea Vytlacilova x TON x PRECIOSA collaboration about? Rebirth! In order for the handbag to be born, something had to go “wrong”. In this case - it was the wood and glass.

Let me explain…

The wood, used in the manufacturing of TON chairs (the wood is sourced locally in the Czech Republic and Slovakia), not all parts end up being used due to small dents / colour irregularities / etc. By using sections of the discarded parts - the wood remains close to the human touch, in a form of a unique beech handle and is given a new life. The wood also inspired the print on the silk.

Similarly, the glass used for the creation of PRECIOSA and beads goes through rigorous inspection in the production process and sometimes some are discarded due to “faults” - this could be a slightly lighter color, a different cut of the crystal etc. Normally these would be removed from production, instead they are used for the embellishment and their color shades inform the final color palette of the handbag. All this is part of Preciosa’s RE/NVENTORY program that strives to give a second life to crystals that, for various reasons, do not meet Preciosa’s stringent quality standards.

Thus MARIE is a symbol of sustainability and rebirth. Of the beauty in imperfection.

p.s.: MARIE is taken (sold) and sharing joys of life with her new owner 💙 See more of that on my Instagram.
měsíc den rok — Andrea Zlamal Vytlačilová