Andrea Vytlacilova + Hotel Fontána
My most loved project of 2022.
When I was approached by Barbora (the owner) with a proposition to create a limited edition for their boutique hotel on the bank of Brno Reservoir, I was thrilled. A family hotel, recently refurbished, with wonderful owners who provided me with creative freedom.
The entire process took nearly a year as I had to finish my Masters in London in between. The designing itself was a true joy.
The design of the scarf draws from the picturesque environment of the hotel (the hotel also has a boutique and a beauty salon) and the hotel’s colors. I was inspired by vintage postcards, decorative fonts and the life aquatic.
Thank you dear Barbora for such a unique and beautiful opportunity. My regular journeys Prague-Brno and Brno-Prague were a joy and I already know that your stunning place will not only be a work-related memory but also a very personal one!
I made a limited edition of 3 intervening designs for Hotel Fontána (one 90x90 and two 45x45 designs). Each scarf has its own archival box with a certificate and a dedication.
měsíc den rok — Andrea Zlamal Vytlačilová