Bespoke handbag: MONIKA
Let me introduce to MONIKA, the bespoke embroidered silk handbag created for ... Monika! Monika is a true global citizen, living in London - she has already almost 70 countries under her belt! Her handbag reflects just that. The central motif shows a pair of mockingbirds in flight, flying over meadows, rivers, countries,... joined by a kaleidoscope of butterflies and a floating ribbon - starting with a bow, slowly making its way across the handbag - forming the letter M at the back.

Thank you, Monika, for letting me collaborate with you and your unique story on this special piece. I was also lucky enough to travel with the handbag from Prague🇨🇿 to London🇬🇧 where I delivered it in person which made everything even more precious.

The handbag is fully embroidered and embellished with violet crystals, paired with a removable fur strap and bamboo handle.
měsíc den rok — Andrea Zlamal Vytlačilová
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