Bespoke handbag: ESTER

Meet ... ESTER

Another one of my unreleased 2021 projects.

This one is special. 

I first met with E’s parents K&V in our Prague boudoir in early autumn. We talked about their daughter, her passions, her visions and talents and of course her parents’ love for her. K&V were so gracious and provided me with full trust in the creation, the entire process was very smooth and natural. What was born of our discussions is a very personal bespoke embroidered silk handbag with a number of hidden meanings and embroideries. I will not disclose those here naturally as it is a very personal gift but let me just say that I feel incredibly lucky to have made a handbag for your E.

ESTER is a bespoke embroidered silk handbag with a bamboo handle embellished with PRECIOSA pearls + removable faux-fur strap.

měsíc den rok — Andrea Zlamal Vytlačilová
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