WATER cotton bandana (90x90 cm, 100% cotton)

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"Collaborating with the VESNA music band was like a seemless connection of two worlds. Girls from VESNA work with similar themes and motives like I do, only through different media. The WATER bandana carries a number of symbols, some vissible, some a bit more hidden. I believe each of us to find their own."

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Photo & video by Lucie Desmond

This is a limited edition of cotton bandanas by Andrea Vytlacilova - designed on the occasion of the release of a new single by the music band VESNA - VODA (Water). See the music video HERE.

The cotton scarves were conceived, designed and produced entirely in Easter Bohemia (Czech Republic) according to our strict sustainability standards.

The scarves reflect the liveness of water, it's strength, power but also love embodied into a pair of kingfishers flying softly above the reflective water surface of a wild river. The river is framed by water lilies, symbols of life bursting from the deep through water streams up to the surface. The Water lilies stand for rebirth, a re-gained life. Just like when the water runs through a dry land and all of the nature can suddenly breathe again.

100% cotton, made in the Czech Republic

dimensions: 90x90 cm

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