Summer Smoothie for Sleepy Sundays


Hello hello!

I hope you are enjoying a lovely Sunday! Today I woke up to a kitchen full of fruits because my mother spent the whole Saturday cooking jams and couldn’t leave without making myself a smoothie!

I am always sad on Sundays as the best part of the week (aka weekend) is about to come to its end. But part of my new self decided to mix things up and stay positive! New attitude, right? For that I needed some sweet beverage and lots of yoga!

Yoga- check.

Now the sweety drink!

I am no cook as everyone around me knows quite well. Thank god making a smoothies doesn’t need much of a practise!


I love cherries. Like a lot. And strawberries as well. In kindergarten I used to have a locker with a strawberry sign on it, I guess that’s where my love for this juicy fruit comes from! Haha.

For this smoothie I prepared a bunch of fresh strawberries, cherries and a cherry jam my mum made about two years ago. Cherries are cool but their skin is usually hard to blend so instead I used the two spoons of jam.

Later on I picked some leaves of mint, you might want to find some too.

Things you will need: white yoghurt, milk, strawberries, cherries, mint leaves,  a blender, a spoon, some straws to make things fancy and obviously some glass or a plastic container.

I would advise on having a separate glass to blend the smoothie in. Things can get messy, trust me.


First of all, grab the yoghurt and put its content into your container. Now you want to put some strawberries and cherries in, then milk and after that even more strawberries. I used the cherry jam not only because of the cherry skin but also to make the final product a little more sweet. 

I also added half a spoon of cocoa (personally I love Nesquik) just because I think that it is a nice compromise between hot chocolate and a regular smoothie! Isn’t it?

For final touches, let’s slice some strawberries and decorate the smoothie with tiny mint leaves.

If you want to stay fresh even during the day- fill a bottle with water and some spare mint leaves! 


Now taste it! Tastes nice? It is a great day-starter!

Have a sweet end of the week and don’t forget to do yoga tommorow morning to start your week fresh!



P.S.: Czech version will follow up! :)

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