Join me on my new journey!

Hello, hello! I am finally back! And brand new!

As you might have noticed, I haven’t been quite active for the past few weeks. Actually, it’s been only my blog that was left abandoned, my other activitites have kept me so busy that I got to the point when was sitting behind my desk, staring out of my bedroom window deciding whether I am doing things right or not.

I had to stop. Close my eyes. Breathe.

It sounds funny but it actually was something that I hadn’t done for a while.

Sometimes it’s really hard to stay present. At least for me it is. I have the tendency to keep chasing things that I find important, running after them and not thinking about goings-on around me nor my health.

And that is wrong.

To help me think about things, I picked up yoga again after long months of avoiding it due to health issues. I was told not to do any kind of exercise until at least the beginning of August but I just felt that my body was ready and kind of asking for it. I had to go through the essence of yoga again to realize how messed up my lifestyle was (if I can actually call it lifestyle?!).

I had NEVER been an early bird. Like NEVER. In any period of my life. I could stay up until 3 or 4 am, but waking up earlier than at 9 am (it was more like 10, but let’s stick with 9) had always seemed impossible. I know people say things like this and in reality it is usually not quite true. For me it was. I was such an owl (do you also have these characteristicts of sleepers?). Unfortunately this terrible habit would cause me some troubles. Not speaking about waking up for school, going on trips (as you know I love traveling like nothing else…or maybe like art) was difficult too because you usually do need to wake up before noon when you are traveling. (I am sure my friends and family would confirm this without hessitation!)

But the real break-through for me was when I realized that I had just spent the whole year being ontinuously tired. That is insane! With my age I should be brimming over with life, isn’t that so?

Long story short, I decided to change my terrible vices in order to live my life as fully as I could.

I do not drink alcohol, I do not take drugs and I do not smoke. (And never had.)

And maybe that makes me a completely abnormal 18-year-old but I can assure you that I am living a happy and fulfilling life!

My goal on this blog is to motivate myself (and luckily others), spread some inspiration, funny experiences and mark my journey to a balanced and better life in every possible way.

Things in life happen for a reason and some of them cannot be prevented. What does it mean? That we shouldn’t worry so much! Focus on making yourself happy and relaxed instead of stressing yourself out!

I am no specialist in any of the areas I will be writing about. But I am curious and I want to explore new things in life. And maybe move forward to a next challenge! I have been testing this new lifestyle of mine for the past two weeks and I am ready to let things begin in their full strength.

From today on, I will be posting daily. Each day something new, something inspiring, something to think about or even something tasty to  spice our lives up!

Oh and don’t worry to much, it’s the same old me, that you have known for a while! The same clumsy, awkward and rather funny old Aja only trying to bring some order to her life! Because since we have this kind of power why wouldn’t we use it? We will use it! Ang laugh along the way…

So… are you joining me? :)

P.S.: If you are as excited as I am, you might also want to keep an eye on my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook accounts to stay inspired even between posts! :)

P.S.2: A malá otázka pro mé mé české spoluobčany- chcete, abych nadále překládala články i do češtiny? Napadlo mě, že bych mohla publikovat dvě samostatné verze, jednu anglicky a jednu česky, co vy na to? :)

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