The Heels Issue


Every girl wants high-heels, right? I am no exception.

But choosing THE ones seems to be a bit of a mission!

When I was a little girl, I always admired those elegant ladies wearing high heels that were clapping on the floor. How stylish is that? I wanted these magical clapping shoes too!

Unfortunately (or fortunately), my mom is quite a practical woman so she didn’t allow me to have even a pair of them back then.

When I got my first pair of real high heels, I was about twelve years old.

The reason I got them wasn’t because my mum had suddenly changed her mind but due to the fact that I was staying at our family’s friends in Karlovy Vary at that time and as many of you probably know, Karlovy Vary are famous mostly for it’s film festival. And I was fortunate enough to take part of this amazing event!

And what does one need to look great at a film festival? Perfect high-heels of course!

I remember going to the fancy shoe shop and getting my first “lady shoes”!

I was so excited!

They were all shiny and classy and I loved them so much that I couldn’t wait to walk them on the red carpet! Haha!

Other milestone high-heels happenned to the ones I got for my dancing classes. They weren’t very special but they served the situation so I was happy with them. I could feel like a lady once again!

But as I evolved, I started to have a need to own an elegant pair of high-heels apart of the heeled shoes you wear everyday.

I was going fo the “MMM for H&M” plastic ones (which you can probably see on today’s illustration), but unfortunately they got sold out before I could even touch them!

So I have to go on a hunt again!

The only thing I am sure of, is that I want them in black and without the weird platform thing which I find very disturbing and unflattering. Seriously, it doesn’t even look feminine! What do you think?

Can you help me on my “perfect high-heel hunt”?


Thank you for your ideas, suggestions and feedback! :)

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